Minimalistic Side Nail Art

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Minimalistic Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there and welcome back once again to 25 Sweetpeas! If you are reading this thinking, what in the world is Side Nail Art, no worries, I will catch you up.😉 

Recently I wanted to do my nails and I wanted some simple nails art that didn't take up the whole nail so I could still enjoy the nail polish color, mainly because I am OBSESSED with Orly's new shade Happy Camper, and want to wear it but also change it up.
Minimalistic Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

So I did some nail art that was very minimal and only placed it on the side of my nail, which meant that you couldn't see it from all view points, but it was still there for something a lil extra fun!

In particular I started with 2 coats of Orly Happy Camper. I let that dry and then I added 3 dots of Orly Kitsch You Later. For this I used my largest dotting tool which you can find in this set. After that I used White Acrylic paint and my Whats Up Nails Dance 24 brush to create the curves around the dots

Minimalistic Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

Overall a pretty easy look that wasn't too hard to do! If you want to check out a step by step tutorial you can on my Youtube channel!

See rather easy, and kinda fun to wear! Imagine all of the color combos! :)


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