Zoya Easy Neon 2021 Collection

Zoya Easy Neon 2021 Collection

Hello there and welcome back! I don't actually talk about polish as much as I used to on here but I just read about the new Zoya collection and I just felt the need to share! On April 1st their new "Easy Neon" collection is going to go on Pre-Order! Its a 6 piece neon collection which I think is exciting because I have not seen Zoya do something like this before!🎉 Also peep those White Lids!! 😃 Those have me pretty excited believe it or not! 

The biggest news I saw in the release for this collection is that it sounds like it will be with the EZ Wide brushes by default! WOOOO 🎉🥳✨ If you watch my YouTube Channel you know I constantly say how I just wish those brushes would be the default brushes, and while I don't know that this collection having them means its permanent, but its exciting!! So let's meet the colors!

Zoya Easy Neon 2021 Collection

Zoya Easy Neon 2021 Collection

Press Release From Zoya.....

Say hello to Zoya’s EASYNEON Collection! Our first frustration-free, new formula does away with special base coats and notoriously streaky application associated with traditional neon colors. The Big10Free, environmentally friendly formula applies opaque in 2 coats, AND comes with the unique Z-Wide Brush for streak-free application. All the bright summer fun without the fuss! 


ZP1085 OAKLEY - Can best be described as a fiery bright orange neon.


ZP1086 ZELDA - Can be described as beaming pink-coral neon.


ZP1087 JANIE - Can best be described as a hot fuchsia pink neon.


ZP1088 BANKS - Can best be described as a vivid violet neon.


ZP1089 ECHO - Can best be described as a deep lagoon blue neon.


ZP1090 LINK - Can best be described as an electric, kelly green neon.


EasyNeons do not require any special base coat, and dry matte - but can be worn with a top coat to add a high shine finish. We recommend Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy Seal. Due to the unique matte formulation, color is typically not as long-wearing as traditional nail color. Z-Wide Brush is included!

This collection will be on Pre-Order on April 1st on the Zoya Website.

Ok, so y'all know I am excited, but I am curious, what do YOU think? Also which shade are you most excited about? I am leaning towards Zelda!

25 Sweetpeas


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