Update on Lack of Posts


25 Sweetpeas Easter

Hey there! Whew its feeling a lil weird to be writing a blog post, it actually feels hard? I occasionally and unintentionally take breaks from blogging. Like last year there was a time where I just genuinely didn't feel like blogging because I wasn't in the right mental space. However for I have not posted a blog post this month, actually since the 26th of March and this was not because I wanted to take a break. I have not been posting lately due to the fact another site is stealing all of the hard work/time and effort I put into this blog and repost my work.

I have been working on getting it removed but nothing is happening, the stolen content is still living on the internet and its really annoying me, plus I know by continuing to post could risk it continuing so I have not posted in hopes this would all be solved in no time. Turns out that isn't happening so I just sort of wanted to fill you in on this. I am not sure how long this blog post will be up, as I may remove it if I see that it is taken right away but I really wanted to pop in and say hey, and bring y'all up to speed. 

I have been creating still, and posting on Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram but at the same time this whole ordeal has really been discouraging. Hopefully though, in time we can return to normal and have some fun! In the mean time I have launched a Newsletter! Its supposed to start in Mid April, however at this point some of that is going to depend on the situation we are dealing with here, that being said, you can sign up now to make sure you are ready for the launch! Sign Up here

~25 Sweetpeas



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