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Hello there and welcome back! Super excited to be typing a blog post right now. I have really missed doing so, but as you know I'm dealing with someone continuously stealing my content so I've just not been posting as each time I do that equates to more work. SOOO I am writing this on April 11th, and I have no clue when I will get to publish it! Ha! Oh well, gonna just let it hang in my drafts for a bit.

How has everyone been I feel like its been forever!?

1. Hows everyone managing the pandemic? I feel like by now we all probably feel as if we are in the new normal for a bit? Even with vaccines, readily available I will still be treating it all the same, mask, sanitizing, social distancing, and ultimately not leaving home except for out door things. I may venture to out to eat outdoor dining which is my fave even pre-pandemic but I still don't feel we are 100% in the clear. I do really miss a few restaurants in particular. Both of them aren't really take out options so its been a bit. Like I can probably actually tell you the last time I was there in 2019 as I can remember weird unnecessary things like that. I am currently a lil past 24 hours of having my one and done shot, and my arm basically feels like I did a major arm work out. So all things considered, seems ok.

2. I don't think I've done a Sweetpeas Picks since I finished the book I was reading SOO, I just read Shipped by Angie Hockman, and it was really good! I love the fact that there was a major focus on the environment and that the setting was lovely! Really enjoyed it!

3. Ok, so I finally caved and watched the show Outer Banks on Netflix. When it came out last year although it looked like it could have been something I would have liked, other things were going on in life and I just didn't think it was a good idea. Plus I heard that it was just a lot of teen fighting/drama, which I'm not a fan of. So anyway this week I just really wanted to watch something new, so I gave it a go and OH MY! I'll preface this by saying I am glad I waited till now to watch it because was needed now in my opinion for me sooo... I loved it! I watched it all in 2 nights. The first night I was up till like 3 watching it and really didn't want to stop! LOL! 😂 It was just really good, the only bad part is that it was so good that I couldn't actually do anything while watching it because you needed to pay full attention. So if you have been debating on it, give it a go! If you like the ocean, southern life, tropical weather, sunken treasure, go for it! I had no clue there was a Hurricane in it too, and then most all of it takes place on an island with no power! Like that is SOO up my alley. Yeah I really enjoyed it, and am bummed its over. Well until Season 2! I'm highly considering rewatching it actually. 

4. Meg Cabot has a series called the Little Bridge Island Books that takes place in the Florida Keys, and I just saw that a new one is on preorder and it sounds really good! I read the first one last year, then the others didn't sound to interesting beyond the location, but this new one sounds like its about a writer in the Keys! Sounds super good!

5. Ok, back to the Outer Banks, I did some researching about the boat in the movie, and fun fact its kind of real! Meaning there was a boat with the same name, sunken treasure but geographically its not off the Carolinas coast.  Also in the same article apparently people from the area says it doesn't really depict the area well, but eh that's ok. All of the Marshy scenes, and the big ole trees covered in Spanish moss depict my part of Florida pretty well. The town parts remind me of the Fernandina area. 

6. The latest All Time Low song, Once In A Lifetime is soooo good!

7. So Thursday was a beach day for me, and I turned it into a lil Reel! You can see it here

8. I feel like y'all probably know this but I am pretty into following the tide, and just knowing all the things about the ocean so I wanted to share my new favorite app! I used to use an app called Tides to track the tides but they technically didn't have any stations near my beach so they were always off, and the Weather Channels app Tide section is never correct so I was on a mission to find a good one! I ended up getting a weather app called Willy Weather (iPhone), and its great! Does my exact beach, works with my watch, tells me the tides, moon phases so I can tell how low/high the tides will be and much more from the surf, to the UV index, and I'm just obsessed! Highly suggest!

Well I think that will wrap us up for today, or when ever you get to see this! Just felt like chatting with y'all and sharing all of the things apparently that all direct back to the ocean in some shape way or form! 🥰😉🏝

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