Negative Space Daisy Accent Nail

Negative Space Daisy Accent Nail 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there! Welcome back, its been a bit since I've actually blogged, it was a busy month for July as I was working on a Patterning challenge! It was OH SO fun, and I will share a full recap at some point, but today I want to share some new Nail Art! Today on Youtube I have shared a Paint With Me video where I show you the process of this mani + a peek at all of the patterns I created last month! Pretty excited about the video actually, its a large one but fun and different. You can watch it HERE.

I planned out the mani with this fun lil graphic. I've really been enjoying using this to see my manis laid out!

Negative Space Daisy Accent Nail 25 Sweetpeas

Lets chat about what polishes I used! Below is the full on list!

  • China Glaze Tangerine Heat (Orange)
  • China Glaze Sunset Crew (Coral)
  • China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle (Teal)
  • Orly Happy Camper (Mint)
  • Orly Rose Colored Glasses ( Sheer Pink Perfector Under Flower)
  • Zoya Bee (Yellow Dot)
  • White - Acrylic Paint

The flower was done freehandedly as usual, and you can see that in the video! 

Negative Space Daisy Accent Nail 25 Sweetpeas

Well I hope you enjoyed this fun lil mani! I am really enjoying wearing it, and this color combo is just really fun and happy! I am looking forward to writing more blog posts this month too! So be on the look out for that! I am thinking we need a full on sit down chatting blog post about the pattern challenge I did last month, because it was SO fun and their is so much to share!


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