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Yesterday, January 21st marked the 7 year anniversary for 25 Sweetpeas! Technically that is 7 years of this website, which is really neat! 25 Sweetpeas originally started on Instagram in 2012 which means in general the start of 25 Sweetpeas actually began 10 years ago which is crazy! At that point I never would of imagined it ever evolving beyond nails, but it has really become something so much more, and something I am pretty happy with/proud of, and this year 25 Sweetpeas is going to take on some HUGE and exciting things that will in fact be very different, but oh so fun! 🙂 I hope anyway! Yesterday was actually a big work day on that big secret project SO that's why this is only going up today! Oopps! 

So first off THANK YOU! 25 Sweetpeas would not still be going if it weren't for all of you lovely readers, and Youtube Viewers! I love the community that we've built on here, YouTube, and Instagram! I've made some of the bestest (Yeah I know its not a word ðŸĪŠ) friends via having this world of 25 Sweetpeas too which is just so wonderful! 

Every year this post becomes sort of a highlight reel, and while that's fun and all, a lot of work goes into everything you see from 25 Sweetpeas and its all done by me, Sarah, at the moment. So I want to just highlight one thing from the last year that I loved creating yet was so nervous to launch yet it actually did much better than expected, and that is... The Creative Summer Escape! It was such a different thing for me to launch for 25 Sweetpeas, yet its a bit more inline with one of the ways 25 Sweetpeas is shifting so it was just a lot of fun, and I LOVED seeing how other people participated and colored the pictures! Seriously check out the Hashtag here! I also did a Christmas one and I saw a few join in, and it was so neat! Plus I loved how Honeybee.Journals used the tutorial part in her Bullet Journal! SO neat!

On a personal note, or actually even for the site, 2021 was the hardest year. I had so much fun at the start of the year with fun blog posts, and I really enjoyed them! Some of my best blog posts came out in 2021 in my opinion, but then I had a TON of blog posts stolen, like every aspect, so while I was trying to get those back so to speak I stopped posting, as each time I did more was taken, and then resulted in my work, so I just didn't. Then when things finally got sorted out I was then just feeling for discouraged and as a result I didn't post much. Then I had some major life events happen, and I was just not in the place to write a "happy" toned post, so I didn't. I did however keep up videos, and created a ton of art, and feel like last year I really made some art break throughs so all in all I guess that's one good thing that came out of 2021, but other than that 2021 was just not my year ya know.

In some ways, its still carrying over into this year, but I am slowly but surely getting back to blogging and I hope it continues! 💚 Plus soon I will have some fun news to share about what's in store for 25 Sweetpeas for this year, and that shall be fun! Right now its in the phase of getting real, and nerve wrecking, but exciting too! Ha, all of the emotions! Be a look out on my IG for peeks of what's coming, and be sure to join my email list that launch last year, it certainly gets all of the exciting things first! 🙂

Well I think that shall be it for this one! THANK YOU ALL, for being apart of why I get to create for 25 Sweetpeas! Its so fun and I love it, and without y'all I wouldn't be doing this, so thank you again! 


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