A Week in the Life | Vol. 2


25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

I feel like the year is already moving too fast? Anyone else! I mean don't get me wrong I would LOVE some warm summer days, and be done with these cold ones but I feel like I have so much I want to get done before then and get into a good routine!

So this week started with some art hanging and prepping our 25 Sweetpeas expansion workspace! I am LOVING have art up!

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

Another day we took Ellie for a lil car ride, so not all car rides are associated with the Vet ya know! :) She's a great lil car ridder! 

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

Got to enjoy the Christmas Lights for the last time for this holiday season early this week! Also started watching Season 2 of OBX again, and I am most happy about that. Also started working on a bit of a different illustration!

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

We've been working on training a lot this week, so I needed some treats! She not huge on the store bought ones so since we are going to be doing homemade food we can also do treat! I used this recipe that I used to use, and we cut in in half and still have way too many, so next time we will be doing it into 1/4ths I think! Ha! It comes together super well! However if you are making for a small dog or a puppy I suggest cutting it down for sure. Also since these are being used as training treats I wanted something SMALL! I ended up using a boba straw to cut out the treats! It worked great!


 With having been on "holiday" for the past so many weeks there was not a ton of time without distractions for training, but now its full force. She's pretty good at sit, but Ellie still struggles when she gets super excited or really wants something. We are making headway with "Ellie Come Here" which is great! We've been using the leash method at times shown here when training and its been helpful! The puppy biting is really inevitable since she's teething and getting her adult teeth in. 

I also got her a brain game, and SHE LOVES it! Its so fun to watch her do it too! She's getting really fast at it too. I got this one! You can kind of see it in the middle photo! Also I got a puppy sling so she can go out for walks now, and or go with us places. Right now she's too young for a traditional walk so for now a puppy sling can do! We have put her in 2 times for a very short time and she didn't seem to mind! We will try inside a few more times before we give it a real go. Will be interesting to see! You can see it a bit in the top left right after I opened it and put it on! I got this one and so far so good!

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

Back to working on the illustration that feels a little different for me! The tree I am working on here is a Bottle Brush Tree. Its blooming right now and I saw it on a walk this week and it seemed like the perfect addition to this piece! 

Well that's a real quick summary of the week, kinda... I am sure things are missing but those are the highlights! Also I feel like it was all about Ellie, but that's ok! LOL!


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