A Week In the Life Vol. 5


25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

Hello! Wow, ok so this week FLEW by! I didn't really take any photos either, whoops! Well I SAY that, but I did take a bazillion and fifty-five of Ellie, so I can show you some pics of her and chat about the week!

First off, on Monday I ordered a custom Tervis Cup! It arrived on Thursday, and I love how it came out! Now I am going to want multiple! Ha! SO fun! Above is a peek at one side of it! On Monday before ordering it tho we ran some errands and Ellis had some car time. She's such a good lil traveler! 

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

A lot of the rest of the week was spent behind the computer! I have joined a Patterning Challenge which y'all can see the prompt list here. I am only participating every other day, and then picking from the two prompts and doing the one that inspires me the most! So far I've done Day 1 Moonlight, Day 3 Tree,  and Day 5 Wind! I have one ready to go for tomorrow too! Day 7 is Magic, and I am really loving what I have in Store for it! I think I will be sharing weekly round ups of the patterns for those of you on my email list! 🙂 If you have not joined you can here

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

This week has also been filled with emails, and client work. :) Some exciting things are starting to happen behind the scenes, and I will get to start sharing things soon which will make these blog posts more fun, I promise! :) Also I finished a new "logo" for something new for 25 Sweetpeas! So excited!!!

Well I suppose it was a pretty boring week in the term of photos, but a lot was accomplished behind the scenes! Also Ellie has been growing so fast, and majorly teething this week. She's also earned a little more freedom in the house, and is learning so well with it. Our routine this week has been wake up, on Ellies terms, which is early. Fix her food, make my coffee, play with Ellie until she's tired. Then it's Doggy Box time, and shower time, then I get ready, work on IG for a bit. Take care of lunch, head to the studio, work for few hours while Ellie naps, play for a bit when she wakes up, and then get her to calm back down so I can work for a bit longer, then take care of dinner things, and then relax with something on the TV. Usually I still work at this time, but my hand has been bothering me this week with all of the weather shifts so I've actually been taking a break at night. This whole lay out isn't everyday, but pretty close! Every now and then I sneak in a work out, or a Starbucks trip! Altho the one day we tried to go to Starbucks this week and it was closed. 

Ok I have blabbed on long enough, so I shall let y'all go about your day, hope you have had a wonderful week, and if it hasn't been, hopefully this next week can be a bit of a turn around!


  1. I also have a Tervis tumbler with Gmail logo and red lid. I bought it while visiting Googleplex ^_^ It wasn't cheap, but very cool.


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