A Week in the Life Vol. 6


25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

Well it turns out that I am not wonderful at taking photos throughout the week unless they are either A. for  Swatches that I post over on my Swatching Instagram ( which reminds me I need to go organize some new posts for that spot of the internet) and or B. Photos of Ellie! B certainly is taking up my camera roll! 

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

Last week I ended up working on some tedious client work, which came out great I think. Then I ended up working on a lot of patterns for the Challenge I am doing, and then I had a few meetings about the big project I am working on, then a few non-fun errands to run for it as well! It doesn't sound like a ton, but it was rather productive, and this next week should be full of some fun photoshoots / reel shoots IF certain items decide to finally show up in the mail! Ha!

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

I tried Nail Wraps towards the end of the week so I could do a First Impressions video and they are kinda fun. I didn't LOVE applying them, but I feel like if I did it often I would get better, duh! LOL! But I did love the being able to get up and do things in the middle of applying them if I need too. Made watching Ellie while doing my nails a lil easier for sure.

Did you guys watch the Super Bowl? I did not this year. I rewatched an OBX episode, illustrated a new Paint Pattern you can see it here. Then watched some Sweet Magnolias, and some Olympics. I did enjoy some "football" food! 

Well off to work on getting some photos ready for the Swatching Instagram, work on some client sketches, some pattern work, and maybe make a lil time for some art for the fun of it, that will someday make a great print!

25 Sweetpeas


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