A Week in the Life Vol. 8 & 9 & 10

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I am combining weeks this go around because week 8 I literally had nothing to show for it. Lots of things that needed to be done, got done, yet they are those tasks that you have nothing to show for them, so to speak, so it doesn't really feel like it was full of accomplishing tasks but it was! 

SO the week before last contained National Margarita Day! So I ended up just going all out. I made Margarita Bars, which were delicious! I also made Slice And Bake Margarita Cookies, which were just so good. Probably a new fave cookie of mine. Love the salty sweet mix of flavors in it. Then of course I also made a Margarita. I made a Passion Fruit Guava Syrup and added a lil bit to my already made Cayman Jack Margarita and it was perfect! I actually made a reel for the simple syrup for the fun of it! 

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

I also practiced editing on Lightroom, and while I am not a fan of it as a general rule, I was liking some of the progress I was making. I would much rather use A Color Story tho, so I just need to find what I am after there! :) 

Then last week... I finalized a lot of exciting things, and also nerve wrecking things! Worked out on location I guess you could say. Basically needed to take some photos for an upcoming project that I start filming this week we just finished up. Then I also took some test shots for an upcoming project. The weather wasn't really working in my favor unfortunately, but its practice! This next week its supposed to rain, like daily, and while we need it, it wouldn't of been good for the work I did, so glad I did it already! Headed into town to run a few errands too and it was fun, short but fun.

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

I started a book! I haven't read in quite a bit for fun. Like I read a great book last year called Shipped, but I am SO picky so its hard to find something to read. Anywhooo, I ordered Float, and it arrived! So far its really good, I love a summery easy read. I actually kind of found myself just wanting to read it, but I'm going to *try* and stretch it out. 

Then this week are just finishing up I did a ton of lil tasks for something I am announcing soon! :) Got a lot of things I have been nervous about done, and actually got some exciting things delivered too! So all in all, again another week without many photos, but I got a lot accomplished! I also just finished a handful of videos for this upcoming week!

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

From everything I've shared you can tell its been busy and not much time for fun things. Not that all of the work isn't fun, but sometimes you need a break from it even if it is fun, you need time to do things that don't have to be related to work. So I bought the studio a Nintendo Switch! So far I have been enjoying Animal Crossing and Mario! Its so weird, I've not played video games in a LONG time but I am loving it! Its so fun, and nice to have something to look forward to at the end of the day! It may of been a bit crazy to do since I don't often have free time, but ya know, I need to try and prioritize doing things non related to work sometimes! Easier said than done, I know! 


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