Shop 25 Sweetpeas! SHOP COMING SOON

I am so excited to announce that shop 25 Sweetpeas is coming soon! The Instagram just launched so you can stay up to date here! This has been such a long time coming, and I am nervous and excited to even just be saying shop 25 Sweetpeas is coming soon! 

I feel like I have so much to say, yet also have no clue where to begin! So for the past so many years 25 Sweetpeas has evolved into something bigger and different than I ever imagined, and with that came many changes. A few rebrands ago I incorporated my actual name into the brand I have been creating and I added 3 icons under my 25 Sweetpeas name; a flamingo, pineapple, and a palm tree. I would love to say I did that on purpose to represent the various areas to 25 Sweetpeas, but I didn't, maybe subconsciously but not knowingly! Ha, I just picked 3 things I loved that fit the overall vibe of what I wanted to create, but it worked out PERFECTLY because now they all play a pertinent part in 25 Sweetpeas! 

The Flamingo represents 25 Sweetpeas by Sarah as the artist, the illustrator, the creator. 

The Pineapple represents the Paper Goods part of the new shop, which will be expanding over time, and I am so excited for it!

The Palm Tree represents the shop as a whole plus the shops most exciting products in my opinion, which is my Pet range of products!

I've always kept things pretty chatty on the blog so I would love to keep that going here, and share exactly what I hope to do with the shop for 25 Sweetpeas! I wanted to figure out a way to mix all of my loves and my passions into 25 Sweetpeas and I think I finally did! Shop 25 Sweetpeas is going to be the perfect place for tropical lovers to find things for themselves + their furry friends, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

First and foremost, everything in the shop is designed by me! It's been such a neat process seeing my art come to life on products, especially fabric! Everything you will see in the shop has a tropical twist to it and is created with colors that just make me smile. It's also all inspired by things I love; the beach, marine life, anything and everything tropical, and of course dogs! 

Our first launch if heavily focused on Pet Scarves which I will write a whole post on but its just so exciting, and it just makes sense. I always loved dressing Dixie💚, and making her scarfs! So design the fabric myself to be made into pet scarves is just perfect. Or should I say pawfect. Oh how I wish she was here for this! 

Which leads me to the next thing about the shop. In addition to making super fun and cute items, I want to use my shop for good. I hope to be able to us my platform more to share info that we need that pertains to my inspiration, from dog related things, to marine life and the ocean, all of which are hurting right now due to human caused problems. If my small platform can make any sort of difference that would be amazing. Plus as a business I am doing my what I can to use sustainable resources, and be as eco friendly as I can. If you check out the new shop tab in the menu, check out About Shop 25 Sweetpeas to learn about our recycling details + fabric sourcing. I will keep it up to date as we grow and learn new things as well.

Well that was a lot of info to throw at you, and I'm sure I have SO much more to share, but today was mainly letting you know I am finally opening a 25 Sweetpeas Shop. More details as to when will be coming, and you can sign up for emails to stay up to date here. Plus I will be sharing a lot of sneak peeks on the new Instagram here so be sure to follow along there too! The regular 25 Sweetpeas Instagram will still be fully functioning, and you will be able to follow it for all of the art + peeks at what will probably turn into future products! :) 


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