Shop 25 Sweetpeas Launch!


Shop 25 Sweetpeas Launch Preview

Hello! Ah, Im so excited to announce that this week is launch week for 25 Sweetpeas! Which means each day on here, I will be chatting about one of the products in the shop, and of course that also means they will be available for sale in my shop! WOOO! We are launching with 8 different scarf prints, 7 Scrunchies prints, various combos of Pet Waste bag holders, and 4 Sticker Designs, soon to be 5!

Shop 25 Sweetpeas Launch Preview

First off for this week I wanted to share info about the shop. So as of right now Shop 25 Sweetpeas is located on Etsy! Its ready for you to visit and I think it all looks really fun, and looks like 25 Sweetpeas! Right now we have 25 products listed, which totally was not planned but I LOVE it! You can get to the shop by checking out the new shop menu on this sit right now. By hovering over the shop button you will get a menu of options! So those options include; Visit the Shop, Sizing Guide + Care, Policies, Instagram, and lastly About Shop 25 Sweetpeas. So much info can be found in all of those tabs, plus I've been adding photos to them too, so you may want to check them out.

If you are on the shop, you will also have quick access to the sizing guide, policies, and care instructions as well! The scarves will all have the sizing guide in the photos, and then you will also have info in the details. Plus if you ever have questions you are more than welcome to reach out to me via the Contact the Seller Button, and or by emailing me at 

This week I will also being doing a limited time offer, so to gain access to that be sure to visit this page, scroll down and sign up for my email so you can get in on that! 🙂 I will be sending it out tomorrow, so Tuesday April 19th!

The email list always gets behind the scenes, a first look at new things, and so much more! I am most excited to be adding shop things into it, and share my passion of the ocean, and pets! 🙂

Well I think that wraps it up for today! So many fun things are coming to the blog and the shop! Its all so exciting! I am treating Tuesday - Friday as the Grand Opening so I hope to be sharing all sorts of fun things on here, and on the Instagram, so feel free to follow along there too. If you want to go ahead and shop feel free to check everything out, the shop is linked below!!

Shop 25 Sweetpeas Launch Preview

I am probably MOST excited to see others using the products in the shop, because in this whole process, seeing my art turned into products, and then used when we've done photo shoots has been the most fun! I love it, and I will say Photo Shoots are quite fun and challenging with a puppy! Ha! Ok, off to get all of the fun things together! 


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