Christmas Is Here! 25 Sweetpeas Holiday Collection 2022

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Every year it seems as if Christmas happens earlier, and earlier! Its not all bad though because it means that Christmas is here now for 25 Sweetpeas! 🎉 Woohoo! Our first every Christmas Collection launched last Friday, and its a big collection in my opinion so I thought I would jump on here and share all of the fun new designs/products we have this season.

For You and Your Furry Friend

We have a brand new print available on our Signature Tie On Bandanas, and of course we also have a matching scrunchie so you and your furry friends can match this Holiday Season. I think they would be super cute in Christmas Photos this season! I mean can you imagine taking your furry friend to a Christmas Boat Parade, and matching?! I mean it doesn't get cuter! OWNS THIS PHOTO

Shop The Tie On Bandana here, and the scrunchie here!

For Gifting

We have Christmas Cards and Gift Tags this year perfect for gifting! Maybe you are looking for a fun way to decorate your gifts this year, or maybe you are more of a gift card giver but you still want a cute way to give it! Look no further we have Gift tags for decorating presents or a card to house a gift card, or just to send as your yearly Christmas card! All were hand designs, and are hand made in my studio! 

For the cards we have SO many options! We've always found beachy Christmas card options to be a bit lacking, so I took care of that by adding 8 designs to the shop that are perfect for all of my Beachy/ Coastal Christmas lovers out there! We also have a few more traditional Christmas card options too. Lets check them all out!

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I love all of them by by favorite ones to design were the ones that have Day/Night versions! I think that's just super fun and a lil unique! Then of course you can't not love the Sea Gulls in scarves and hats. Then there is the Deck the Palms ones that match the Fabric items we have. Ahh, just too much fun! Also the Christmas in the South with the big decked our porch was released per my Moms request! I actually designed it for her last year, and its a fave! 

this photo belongs to www 25 Sweetpeas com

These more traditional ones are also really fun! I designed them a bit ago, but y'all voted and said they should also come out too so they did. When y'all tell me things I do listen, so anytime you see me posting polls online, be sure to take part! 😊

Well that wraps up our Holiday collection! Ahh, I love it so much and I hope you do too. I can't wait to package up your orders this Holiday season, I even got fun festive tissue paper too! 🎉 Now I know this was all about our Holiday items, but we did also launch a ton of new items perfect for Gifting, so if you have been in the shop in a bit you may want to go check it out, we have new; jewelry, cards, art prints, and we have more new things coming before the Holiday shopping season ends so favorite the shop to get the updates asap!


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