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Shop 25 Sweetpeas -

One of may favorite parts of Shop 25 Sweetpeas, is the fact that we have matching sets, and everyone in the house can match!

A few of our patterns that appear on our tie on dog scarves, can also be seen on scrunchies, that are wearable by the humans. Then you can also find them on waste bag holders which can be used by anyone and everyone who were to take your furry friend out for a walk, or just out in the yard. Then in addition to that, some of the prints also appear on stickers.

Shop 25 Sweetpeas -

Now in case you didn't know, our stickers are waterproof, dishwasher safe, and ready to be put on everything. I personally enjoy them on drinks, be it a Yeti, Hydroflask, water bottle, you just have so many options! They are perfect to put on your car, laptop case, phone case, cooler, surfboard, skateboard there are so many options. Most recently I have been thinking about putting one on Ellies Gulpy, which is her travel water bottle that has a lil thing you flip out that she can drink from when we aren't at home with her water bowl. Its perfect for stickers, and we can match. 

Shop 25 Sweetpeas -

I recently put 4 of our stickers into a beachy sticker pack/bundle. You get 4 full sized stickers for a discounted price, and they all pair well together or apart!  You could even break up the set and gift a sticker or two! :) 

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