Valentines Floral

Hello!! So today I have for you a Valentines floral to share! Not many pictures but... 

Here they are! This year I have been having a hard time with Valentines nail art ideas. Christmas nail art was great and I just had too many ideas to use in such a little amount of time and now I am struggling to find ideas for Valentines day. That being said Friday night I found this adorable print on Pinterest that you can see here.

It's really cute in my opinion! So of course I turned it into nail art! 

For these nails I used pretty simple things. My nail polish base is Nirvana by Sinful Colors. I used it in December also for hot chocolate nails. Here is a swatch of it from then.

It's a really nice brown to have on hand. You never really know when you will need one! Also it is just needs one coat to get a good base for brown nail art! 

After the brown I mixed some acrylic paint to get a darker brown and used it to draw the wood like lines in the back ground. Then I just used white, red, pink, and green acrylic paint for the rest! Over all it was a pretty quick and a fun mani to do! I love doing nails like these with so many things going on! It just makes it fun!

Now that you all have seen them what do you think?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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