Holo Goodness

Happy Weekend everyone! So have been lacking nail art ideas this week so I played around with some holos.

I have 2 Color Club holos that I barely use in fear of "what if I RUN OUT!" Then I thought about that... If I don't use it in fear it will run out, I will never use it. If I let it just sit there it will eventually become old and no longer any good so why not use it!

So here is a swatch of Harp On It.

One super easy coat and ahh, it's just so pretty!

Every little bit you shift your fingers it looks different, as stunning!

So I wanted to do something else but putting art on top seemed odd to do even though I know people do and it does look good. So I did a gradation!

For this I used 3 holos. The one I mentioned earlier, and light pinkish one also by Color Club called Cherubic. Then the purple one is one of my favorite holos ever which is by Takko Lacquer and it's called Dazed & Confused! There will be a video so y'all can see this in action!!

It will be up on Instagram tonight! :)

So what do you all think of this holo goodness!?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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