Zoya Swatch & Review

Hello! Y'all ready for another swatch? I hope so cause today I have one and some art! Crazy right!? ;) When I picked up Tiana by Zoya my mum got Rayne by Zoya. Both of them being from the Delight line, and now I have a swatch of Rayne for y'all!

This is 2 thin coats. When applying it was more watery than most all of my Zoyas, so due to that I let it dry for a longer time in between coats. When I applied the 2nd coat it did self level pretty well there were a few spots that may of been a little thin but for the most part 2 coats will do you with this polish. It's not a favorite of mine formula wise, but this color is gorgeous! It reminds me of pool water and how it glimmers in the sun light! Anyone else get that feeling?

So next up I knew I wanted to add some art, but in all honesty I have a really hard time coming up with art to put on polishes like this. Cremes no problems, but when it has a shimmer I find it so much more difficult to come up with a design. I ended up with some pink sea turtles and some waves. A little odd, I know! ;)

All was free handed, and the studs are from the Born Pretty Store. If you are interested in shopping at the Born Pretty Store use 25SPW10 for 10% off. I knew this color had to have something either beachy, or pool related on it. I am really wishing I has maybe some life preservers or something more to that extent.

This is a bit of a different design from any thing I've ever done, not sure I am a fan or not. What is your opinion?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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