This Century Inspired

Hello! Hope you all have been having a lovely weekend, so sad it's coming to a close! Our weather has been amazing.

Today's nails are inspired by two things. So first off I don't really think I have really expressed my love for music on here, I have on Instagram but not here. You all must know I LOVE music. Music is just amazing. One of my favorite quotes I have saved on my phone that my mum has said is...

"Without Music, Life would be a mistake"

And ...
"Music takes us where words cannot"

Both of those quotes just seem so right to me! Music is something I could not live with out and well really I just LOVE it.

Now moving on if you haven't caught on yet today's nail are inspired by music! ;) To be more specific, they are inspired by a favorite band of mind, This Century . They recently released a new single called Soul Sucker that is going to be on their upcoming CD (June 2nd), and the cover is a neat graphic that to me looks like an hour glass. So that inspired the symbol. The rest of the nails were inspired by this wonderful artist on Instagram ThisCenturyDenise. She did a beautiful creation of their CD cover and so that what my nails are based on. Click her name above to see her interpretation!

For these nails I used Zoya Snow White. The rest was done with acrylic paint and water! :) These nails were really fun to do! 

Didn't take the normal amount of pictures though. Now I wanna know what y'all think?! Do you all get inspired by music as well!?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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