Simple Floral

Hello! Hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine seemed busy for some reason, but I finally got these pictures pictures ready! So y'all ready to see what I did on the top of Tiana by Zoya?!

For this look I have 2 thin coats of Tiana and then I free handed the flowers with acrylic paint!

I'm honestly not sure how I came up with this combo. It kind of just happened. I lvw these colors together so glad I picked the corally pink for the flowers. 

It's a really simple look, and fun! I would highly suggest doing the dots in the background first. I didn't because as I said earlier I kinda just went with what came to mind. Sadly they didn't come to mind until after the flowers! :( I still like them though! :)

Well I really hope you all like these! I really do! Also so sorry in delay I wasn't planning on this being such a delayed post but... Let me know what y'all think and if you have any request for new nails, pictorials, any thing to that extent. Even if you just want a Q&A soon, or know my favorite sites for inspiration, fave Instagramers, really just anything you all would be interested in, let me know!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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