Takko Lacquer Swatches & Review: Part 4

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I'm back with another swatch for ya today! Only a few days until this whole line will be released! So exciting since they are all so beautiful!

Today I am introducing you all to the lovely Xocomil.

Xocomil - a periwinkle purple with actual silver dust

First off this formula is amazing!!!! It went on perfectly and had full coverage in just one coat, and it leveled really well! I was just over all very pleased with the formula. Even though it has evident shimmer it behaved like a crème! Which I just love! I have a weak spot for crèmes! This color is super fun! I love the choice of a periwinkle for a summer line! I think it's unexpected and great! It's a really nice summer color! I had it on today in the pool and it looked amazing! 

The actual silver dust is lovely in this combo! 

Ok so the other day I reviewed and told you about the new top coat releasing with this line on the 18th as well called  Sugar High. Well after it and chatting with the lovely Takko Lacquer creator I have learned that there is a certain method to the new top coat so I am not going to explain it to you! 

Sugar High is pink tinted (in the bottle) top coat that dries clear and with a bit of a Satin Finish, or so I thought! It is a scented topper so it isn't your typical topper which is why it dries the Satin Finish way. Well in order for if to turn into the shiny top coat we all love you just run your nails! I'm not even kidding! You really just rub your nails kind of the like whole "Scratch & Sniff" concept but "Rub & Shine". ;D For sure something I have never seen before but I'm finding it really neat! It's really shinny after you rub! Here is a quick picture so you can see it and understand it more!

Pretty neat huh?!

Over all pleased with this color and pretty excited about this top coat! Its like 2 in one!

What did you all think of this lovely? It will be released at 8 PM on June 18th with the rest of the lovely summer line! Stay tuned for more! ;)
Be sure to keep up to date on all things Takko Lacquer....

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. That is SO COOL that you rub to make the polish shiny!!

    1. Right!? I think its really neat! I mean if you want matte like topper for a bit you can and then just rub to shiny! Its really neat, and I haven't seen any like it!


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