Takko Lacquer Swatches & Review : Part 5

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Well it's time again for another lovely Takko Lacquer Swatch! I didn't realize today is the 18th honestly! I thought tomorrow was, but it's not! So guess what? The polish releases tonight at 8pm!! :) How exciting!

This morning for you all I have a swatch of El Nopal.

El Nopal - a neon cactus green with iridescent gold/green flakies

That description describes this polish perfectly! It's such a fun summer color!! It took 2 coats to get the look above, which isn't bad at all! I did 2 thin coats too so depending on your thickness it could be 1! You never really know but 2 does the trick for me! The formula on this polish was really nice and easy to work with. :) This polish is really unique because it is like a cross between a jelly and a creme. It's not a fully out jelly due to its creamyness but not creamy enough to be a full out creme! I know that was a bit confusing, so just keep it in your mind that it's a cross between a jelly and a creme! ;) So if you like one of those types try this polish, it's really neat! The flakies in it are really fun too! They are something I haven't really ever had IN a polish, for me I have always just had them in a topper polish so this is really neat!

Hopefully you can see the flakies a little bit better in this picture! :)

For just a little something fun, I added a tropical Pineapple! I had never painted one and have been wanting to so I did it! It's seemed fitting for this polish. I did learn though.... When painting a pineapple don't start in the middle of your nail, position the base of the pineapple towards the bottom of your nail. You can always make the top go as high as you want! ;)

Overall I'm really liking this polish! It's different and unique. A great one for the summer!

What did you all think of this green jelly, crème, flakie? It will be released at 8 PM today! Stay tuned for more! ;)
Be sure to keep up to date on all things Takko Lacquer....

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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