Patriotic Flowers

Hello there! So are you all working on your Fourth of July nails? I've been working on them! I've got some planned for tomorrow, and some for today! :)

So earlier this week I was at the Fresh Market, which if you haven't ever been too it's one of the prettiest grocery stores ever, and they had some beautiful flowers up front that inspired me to do some nails!

For this look I used Zoya Blu, as my base and then acrylic paint for the rest! There is a tutorial for this look up on YouTube as well and you can find that HERE! :)

Here is a bit of a more upclose photo! These are really fun for the 4th of July because it's not your "typical" Stars and Stripes or fireworks!

I took a picture of the inspiration too!:) These flowers are just so happy! I love them!

And the one last final picture! Well I hope you all liked these and I hope you all checked out the tutorial! I'm playing around with different angles to film from so hopefully soon I'll find one that's good and better to work with! Just in case you didn't see the link earlier HERE it is!:) 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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