4th of July Bows!

Hey there everyone! Today I am back with yet another patriotic mani!! They are inspired by Dressed Up Nails a fellow Instagramer! Although she hasn't posted anything in a long time I came across an older design of her on Pinterest. :) I actually did these nails as a group mani with some of my Instagram friends! I loved working with them! Such a great group of girls. ;)

Now to the nails! 

Mine are actually reversed from the original design. For these I used Zoya Sailor and Sinful Colors Snow Me White. All the the details were done with my favorite brush and acrylic paints! For all the details ok the brush check out the Back to the Basics Part 3 that came out Monday! 

All of this was free handed! I thought about using tape for the stripes but honestly tape and I aren't that great of friends! :D The one time I used it, it was terrible! Even my non straight free handed ones looked better SOOO...

For the dots I used my second to smallest dotter! 

Well that's the final solo picture! I really like these actually! They turned out pretty well I think. :) Also was wondering do you all like these up close pictures? I think I'm going to try and do them more often! 

Real quick here is our collab photo!

 I think they all turned out wonderful!! Be sure to check out these girls here....

Hope you all liked these nails! 

Happy Painting!

-25 Sweetpea


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