Stripes and a Star!

Hey there everyone, so are you all ready for the fourth tomorrow? Hopefully you are going to do something fun, and see some fun fireworks. :) I am going to see some of THE BEST fireworks in the state of Florida! ;)

Today's nails are super patriotic, and I just love this blue but I hate the fact it has no name... :(

For this I used a Nameless polish by ColorClub! Only one coat and I love it. It's so bright and bold. Great for Fourth of July nails! 

The details were all hand painted. I used a pretty large dotter for the lines of dots. Something I have always seems done but had never done myself! I really like it. Then the star. Well I was originally just planning for it to be a white star outlined in red but it needed something so I went a bit crazy and did a flag! Ok, very crazy! ;D lol!!

The last and final picture of this mani! Sorry there is no tutorial! I don't know if I will have time to make any tutorials until next week, although I still may try depending on what I do! :)

What do you all think of this look? Would you wear it for the 4th of July?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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