BPS Review: Embossed Textured Stickers

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Hello! So today I have a couple of fun nails for you! First off I received a fun sheet of silver embossed 3D nail art stickers from the Born Pretty Store. They came in a huge sheet with all different designs! So I have 3 different looks done with them for today.

In this look I used 2 different stickers from the set. The full nail one, is a long rectangular sticker that I trimmed down to fit my nail. The next on is just the little dot. I love the simplicity look this mani has. Very simple yet very intricate. The beautiful pink I used is a neon from China Glaze called Heat Index. It's a really lovely pink neon. I'm a big fan of it at the moment! It takes about 2 coats and then a must have top coat since it is matte.

I really liked the look of this so I have a few pictures of it. What do you think of this look?

I did notice that the full nail sticker didn't work very well with top coat. The other one is perfect but with the bigger one I had some issues with getting the edge real smooth, and it snagged on things.

So after that last look I took of the full sticker nail and added SpaRitual Charleston. Probably my favorite silver glitter. It wears nicely and comes off easily with remover. Very fun, and do able.

I then added another set of stickers! These we much easier to wear and I love the look! I did have a bit of issues with applying them and not getting little air bubbles.

Overall I think these sticker are super fun! The little ones like the dots and some others like the little hearts and bows (not pictured) will last longer than the full nail ones. The full nail ones I think are gorgeous, I'm just not so sure that they will last for all that much time. I guess it would depend on your activities! Also if you could put a top coat on it would be really nice but when I tried it, it didn't work, and the package does say to NOT use top coat so... I will still use these I think as something to jazz up some plain nails real quick, but I will know not to expect for them to last all that long. :)

Now if you are interested in these decals/stickers you can find them HERE. Also BPS recently put out an app that you can use to order and they put up special deals on there. One really neat thing about BPS is that they always have free shipping AND for my readers/followers you can use 25SPW10 for 10% off your purchase. So if you are interested in the stickers be sure and check all of that out! :)

Well I hope you like all 3 looks in todays post, be sure and let me know! Also if you have any more questions or concerns or really anything just let me know! :)

Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpea



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