Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4th of July! I've done a lot of patriotic nails this past week and so I've decided to just do a quick review of them since today is a busy day! Cookouts and fireworks I'm sure will be consuming a lot of Americans time today, including mine!

So just going to share my top 3 from this year otherwise this could take forever !! 

These are my number one all time favorite Fourth of July nails! They were a lot of fun to do and I love the look! I was really proud of these actually.

Up next would be this festive floral, inspired by some flowers at the Fresh Market. These fore sure aren't your typical look for patriotic nails but I really like them.

Lastly for my top 3 are these bows! I did these as a super fun collaboration with some of my lovely IG friends. The are so girly yet festive! :)

Well that's all for my top 3 but I have one more to share. These next ones are actually in the latest Nail It magazine so I thought I would share them again!

They are nails I did a while back inspired by a dress worn by AnnaBeth on Hart of Dixie, that is from Antropologie.

Well that's all for today hope you are all having a lovely Fourth of July! 

Happy Fourth of July!

~25 Sweetpea


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