ILNP Swatch and Review: 1Up

Hey yall! Hope you've been having a lovely weekend. :) It's been a nice one but I'm ready to paint again! Haha!! You know me! ;)

So recently I ordered 5 polishes from ILNP and so I hope to share all of them with you soon! Today I am going to start with a picture heavy post for 1Up.

Beware: after seeing this you may need to go shopping! This polish is AMAZING! 

This is 2 super easy coats and it's just stunning! I keep getting distracted by my nails I love them so much! This is a lovely green with every color in the rainbow in it. I haven't seen anything like this at all, and I'm loving it. 

Here is a up close shot. It's just so pretty I took way to many pictures! Going to have to make a few Instagram "Exclusive" pics since most of these won't be on there. Although I may go crazy with this polish!

I personally love this green. My birthstone is Peridot so this bright green reminds me a bit of it. :) As a green lover I love it, and I think it could convert any non green lover! Lol! ;D

Just look at this intensity! I would be putting a whole bunch of heart emojis here if it would show up! ;) 

Overall I love this polish! Great formula, 2 quick coats, and so far seems to wear really well! So very impressed! Now to pic another color to do!

What do you all think of this fabulous green? Would you wear it?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. Beautiful swatches and photos! I'm going to wear this TOMORROW!

    1. Thank you so much!! Sorry for such a late response, guess this comment just slipped right through! So so sorry! I love this color, hope you liked it on as well! My favorite from the new ILNP line though would have to be Harbour Island! Have you seen it? OH MY its amazing!!! :D <3


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