ILNP Swatch & Review: Gaia

Hey I'm back with another swatch, today it's a flakie with some holo and wow is it gorgeous! Now this is a flakie which means it's more of a "topper" just so you know before I start with the pictures.

This is 2 coats on top of Zoyas Willa. In all of my pictures this polish showed up mainly green, but in person it can pull blue and it's fabulous! 

Here you can see some of the other colors that show up. It really has a lot of depth. I will post a video on Instagram for you guys.

Here it really shows up green!

Here you can see a bit more of the rainbow and holo in it that make it really fun in the light.

Now this picture shows the most blue I could capture. It's a really neat polish.

Over all this polish is really nice and had a really nice drying time, and easy to work with. I have some ideas of what to use it with pretty soon. Now what do you all think of this beauty!?
Happy Painting,
~25 Sweetpea


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