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Hey there guys! Hope you are having a lovely day so far. It's been a bit busy around here and I didn't get to any nails last night so thought why not use this little lull for a new idea I had! Recently I mentioned doing a music post, and I'm finally going to. I, as a huge music fan, always listen to music while doing my nails, and well pretty much doing anything so I thought I would share what I am currently listening to. :) I love reading posts like these on others blogs and then  going and finding new music. It's so fun!

So let get started with My Favorite Mani Music! First off these are not in any particular order, they are just as I shuffled through songs on my phone while doing my nails! ;)
1. Look at Me Now By Charlie Puth

   Love this song and soooo wish it was on ITunes, sadly though I've only found it on YouTube. 

2. All Over By CRUSIR

   Found this song while in Hollister a few weeks ago! They always play good music there. Ha, if I ever want something new to listen to I can pretty much just go in there wait a little bit and something will come on to have Siri identify for me! ;)
3. No Good For You by Meghan Trainor

   Love every song by this talented lady! She is just fabulous! Plus this song just makes you want to dance!

4. Night Owl by This Century

   I love This Century, and have for years! They have just released their last CD, which is so bittersweet but it's so good! Night Owl is one of my favorites off the latest CD, there is just something about it!

5. Portugal by WALK THE MOON

  I'm pretty sure you have all heard Shut Up and Dnace by now but their whole CD is really good! WALK THE MOON is just a really good band. Portugal is a fave off the CD, and it seems when I do nails I always end up with this CD on repeat.
6. Bad Girls by MKTO

  Guilty Pleasure for sure! It's got a great summer vibe and so great to sing while painting, and to blare on your speakers! 

7. Stupid Me! By MAGIC!

   This song came out last summer and it was my favorite song last summer but I still love it and listen to it all the time! It's so fun, and great to sing too!! ;)

8. Higher By Hot Chelle Rae

  This song is SOOO good!! It's not in the U.S. iTunes Store, only YouTube but oh my I love it!!! I really hope they put it out here soon, I need it on my phone and not just YouTube!

9. Forever by Andy Grammer

   I love Honey I'm Good, trust me, but there are so many other wonderful songs on his CD that should be on the radio! This one is so good and cute! Go listen to it and you'll agree I'm pretty sure! ;)

10. Heart Like California by Before You Exit

   I love these guys so much! They are so talented and have come so far! This song it just perfect! The words are good, vocals are great, it's overall just wonderful! I love the style of all of their music! Such a proud fan of theirs! I can't wait to see them this month!

11. Dirty Work by Austin Mahone

    This song is BRAND NEW! Just came out last week and it's so fun!! It's going to be a wonderful Summer Song! You just wanna dance to it!

12. Can't Say No By Dan + Shay

      Now I'm not a country music type at all, but I really like Dan + Shay! To me they could be played on Hits 1 as well and be more of a crossover artist.

13. Cool by Alesso

   See I really listen to all genres! Ha, this song is really cool! ;) Everynow and then a techno song is good to put into a big shuffled list! Sometime instead of 4 minutes plus I just which they were like a minute and a half! Anyone agree?! 

14. Speakerphone by Rixton

    Such a fun song! These guys are really talented that's for sure! To me when ever I listen to their Let the Road CD I just picture riding around on A1A on a sunny blue skies day! Ahh!! 

15. Risk it All by The Vamps

     This song is so good! It starts off a bit slow and then it takes off and you just imagine waving your arms back and forth like at a concert and belting out all the lyrics! A great song, and I'm sure it would be great live! Hummm, I guess I may be saying it live in a few weeks! :D

Those are my faves right now! I plan on making another post like this in a few weeks! I already have some songs in mind and it will be before or near my concert so it will be fun! So did any of your favorites make it in here, or did you go preview any and find a new favorite! Let me know what you think of this post and or what you think of this type of post! I know music is super important to have on while painting, and picking out when I make tutorials!!

Until Next Time,

~25 Sweetpea


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