Takko Lacquers 3rd Birthday: Swatch & Review

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Happy 3rd Birthday to Takko Lacquer! 3 years is wonderful, and actually seems like along time. :)

In honor of their Birthday Sheryl is releasing a brand new polish on the 28th, along with the restock of the summer colors and Kitsch the CosmoProf color. :)

That all being said I would like to introduce you to Cake Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M).

Cake Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M) - a crelly baby pink with golden shimmer, and multi colored itty bitty glitter hexes.

In the picture is 2 coats and oh my I love this! This polish is so fun! I love all of the litter colors that show up! It makes me think of sprinkles, oh and those Speckled Robin Egg candies that are out around Easter. ;) Its really a fun polish! It a really nice shade of pink too and I thought the formulae was great! The second coat kind of looked like it may of needed another coat while drying but it self leveled and came out perfect. 

Ok this is probably my favorite picture of this polish because you can really see all of the different colors that are in it! The gold shimmer doesn't show that well but it does in person and it's lovely! :)

Here if you look closely the golden shimmer shows up a bit! It's really neat an unexpected to see in a creamy glitter. At least to me I don't think I have seen that before.

Over all I really like this polish, it's fun, not much work at all. That's one thing I have found with all my Takkitos. They all seem to be really easy to work with, and never take to many coats. Also I like the brushes! Well I hope you all enjoyed this post and seeing this new lovely! :) Let me know what you all think!
If you are interested in this new Takkito it will be coming out July 28th at 8pm ET along with the restock of the full summer line!

In the mean time be sure to keep up to date on all things Takko Lacquer....

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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