Fall Favorites 2015 Collaboration

Hello there guys! Hope you are having a lovely week! Today for you I have my first "favorites" post, and I have invited a lovely friend of mine to join me! This post will hopefully be the first of many together. 

I am going to share a few of my favorite Fall Polishes and Kikki from the YouTube Channel, 1998 Beauty, is going to share some of her favorite fall makeup! Should be a lot of fun so let's get started! First off lets introduce you to Kikki!

Hey guys! My name is Kikki and I love anything that has to do with beauty. I am so excited to share some of my fall favorites with y'all. I am super into deep burgundy, cranberry, red eye shadows and love pairing a nude lip with them or a really shimmery neutral eye and a blue red lipstick( blue red lipsticks make your teeth look white!!). If you want to see some fall makeup looks I have a couple tutorials that will be uploaded within the next few weeks! 
Further down in the post Kikki is going to have some swatches and pictures for you of what is going to be in her video for this post, and at the end you will get to see her video.

First off I am going to share my favorite Marsala Nail Polish for this fall season. As many of you already know Marsala is the color of the year for 2015. I personally love this color for fall and winter. Its just such a nice color that I feel like goes with anything fall like. :) My go to Marsala is this lovely polish I have here blow from Urban Outfitters called Bombay Funk. Its a wonderful formula, and is a 2 coater. I also found it lasts a long time, and has great wear. On top of that typically with colors like these you have a really high pigmentation and that typically leads to staining, but I am so happy to say there is no staining with this polish. :)

Next up Kikki has some Swatches of the eye shadows she will be showing you in her video. All of these are from Makeup Geek. :)
 Now I have another one of my favorite fall polishes. This is Black Orchid from ILNP. I would consider it to be in the Marsala family as well. Its what I would describe as a deep burgundy/marsala with a lovely holo in it. I love this color. I used 2 thin coats, and it was perfect. Everything about this polish is perfect.

More favorites form Kikki! Here she has a swatch of a Mac eye shadow and a look at some other products she is going to talk about with you all in the video. The Naked palate just looks lovely. I so wish I could pull off the smoky eye but It always turns out terribly! 
Lastly from me in this post we have one last favorite fall polish. This one is a Zoya, which you all know I am big Zoya fan! :) This is Yuna, and its great for fall. Its a darker grey with golden shimmer. I've never really seen any other polish like this. I feel like this is one that would be good for any one. Its dark but not to dark, and I feel like it would go great with a lot of fall outfits even maybe winter outfits too. ;)

Well I hope you have all enjoyed this little selection of our fall favorites! Even though the pictures are over, the video is just starting so lets end it with Kikki's video. :)
I loved getting to collaborate with Kikki on this! The whole process of just planning it was really just fun! Shes great, which made this so much fun! I really hope you all enjoyed it and be sure to let us know what you all thought, and what you would like to see if we collaborated again. :) Also if you have any questions leave them below, we will get back with you all ASAP. :)
Until next time you can keep up with Kikki at all of the places...
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 So one of the make up tutorials is out and I will add it for you all right here!

 Happy Fall!
~25 Sweetpeas & 1998 Beauty (Kikki)


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