Abstract Starbucks Face

Hey ya'll happy Friday! So today's nails are a fail in my opinion! I know we are all our own worst a critics so I'm still going to share them anyway. However I almost took them off before even doing top coat! I was that bummed about them! Now on to a picture and then more story! ;)

I am using this upside down one first because I feel like the face looks much better upside down! ;D lol! Weird huh? So these were inspired by a photo of a cup that Starbucks posted on Instagram. I don't know why I really wanted to turn it into nails but I did. It was something I just kept thinking I wanted to try, so I did and ugh, so wish I hadn't!! I reworked the face a countless number of times and ended up just stopping! It was a bit of a angering moment to say the least!

It's really sad too because I was so excited about the polishes I was using and all but the art just ruined it this time. The polishes used were... Zoya Willa, SnowWhite, & Willa. The gold is Takko Lacquer Alchemist. One of the best golds ever!

No tutorial for these that's for sure! To many "retakes" haha!! Now even though I'm not thrilled with the end result on these I do have to say I am happy I went ahead and did it. I now know that when I doubt myself I may be right, but it's always worth a try! So what do you all think?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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