Nail It Magazine Inspired

Hey there guys!! So today I have something pretty exciting to share! I have 2 manis in the latest issue of Nail It! magazine!! I am like super excited about it because it's two of my Christmas sweater manis from this past winter and they are some of my all time favorites, and ones I'm really proud of. Now the fact they are in a magazine I am just very happy! :) Just awesome! It's not often you go into the bookstore and open a magazine and find your self in it! It's a pretty neat feeling! (Yes, I do have a subscription but it always comes out in spree before I get in in the mail! :-/ ) Well enough about that! Today for you I have nails that are actually inspired by one of the tutorials in the newest magazine! :) 

I am really liking this look just because it is so different plus it's sparkly and well who doesn't love sparkles right! Haha!! For this look I used a bunch of polish so let's tackle that first! The base color is my go to black which is Zoya Willa. On top of that I did a dry brush look with all of the following Zoya polishes: Mimi, SnowWhite, Giovanna, & Mosheen. The lines were done with acrylic paint and the silver glitter is SpaRitual Charleston

A lot of polishes right? Haha!! Well they all sure look good together I think! This look is kind of hard to describe. It has a hint of the geode look yet not at the same time. It's really just fun! Now that it's all done I am wishing I had used some different polishes! I think I will have to redo these soon and load it with flakies  on the black, it would make it really neat and shifty in my opinion. For sure something I'm going to have to try.

Here you can see the different colors in the mani a bit better! Oh and guess what?! There is a tutorial up for this on YouTube, and I will be putting a link in the end of this post for ya'll! ;)

I really love this pic, Giovanna is the Zoya I am holding and ahh, I love this color and I really should wear it more! It's a great winter/fall color so I think it's time to start working with it again! :)

This one is in my hand is Mimi. Fun fact: Mimi is one of the first 3 Zoyas I ever got! I remember it was only a few Christmases ago and like all I wanted was nail polish and that was when I got my first Zoyas! They were Mimi, Meg, and Gilda. :) Now tutorial time!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know why you all think of these, and requests of what you would like to see next! :) Hope you have a lovely day today!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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