Mani Swap Time!

Hey here everyone! So today for ya I have done a mani swap with an IG nail friend of mine! I went for a fall colored mani of hers and recreated it for this fun mani swap. Now on to the pictures! :)

First off this was a hard mani to find colors before because the colors had to be similar yet enough different so you could tell them apart! That part was tricky! I ended up using  Urban Outfitters Bombay Funk, and OPI Miami Beet. The glittery nail is Zoya Noir. I had never used the OPI color before, it's my mums, but I really like it I think! I may just need to search that one. Oh and if you are wondering which one that is.... It's the lighter one!

Turns out I actually like holding the OPI bottle for pictures, it's a nice shape. Kind of like how I like to use a China Glaze. Some are just nice to hold and photograph! 

For the zig zag nail I used WhatsUpNails, and the rest was freehanded!

Well that is the last solo picture! Now for our mani swap photo, and be sure to check out Polished_yogi HERE. The originals are on the left and the recreations are on the right! :)

Well I hope you all enjoyed these nails! I have been enjoying writing this post because little miss Dixie has curled up on the couch near me and is now sleeping and looks adorable!! :) Hope you all enjoy your day!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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