ILNP Lulu: Swatch & Review

Hey y'all! I hope you have had a lovely weekend, the weather here the weekend actually felt like fall so that was great! Hoping to wear some fall clothing. :) So this weekend I went to an event and nail art just wasn't working for me for some reason so I chose to finally swatch one of my new favorites, Lulu from the latest ILNP line. Now before I get into this post I am warning you, there are a lot of pictures! :) This polish is just too pretty and I did dwindle down the pictures believe it or not, this polish just has so much to it.

This is 2 coats of ILNP Clockwork, and oh my this is gorgeous. I think the best way to describe this polish is a lovely jelly like blurple with intense holo sparkle. It's pretty much the same formula as ILNP Harbour Island which is my all time favorite turquoise. This one is a lovely formula as well, same amount of coats and it dries quickly and nicely. It's a lovely polish to work with and oh so distracting in the light! Ahh, I just love it! I will be posting a video in motion on Instagram at some point today so look for that! :)

Just the simplest shift in position and it looks different and oh so amazing! So did anyone else get Lulu? I am so very glad I did! 

Every time I try a new ILNP I just fall in love with them even more! Seriously, I don't know if you all remeber but a few weeks ago I had a post like this one but for Clockwork also for the latest line and that wasn't even a color I would typically gravitate towards but Oh my! It's now going to be a go to for me. It's just so different, and unique and when I find such a unique polish I get so excited!

Look at all the layers of glitter in this beauty, I mean how could one not love this. I will be honest, sometimes I will not put on glitter just due to the fact I know how much of a pain it will be to take off. Yet this polish is like taking off a creme, you would barely know you were dealing with a glitter. 

Picture overload like I said! Ha, there is still one more too! This polish is just to mesmerizing. I have actually had it on my left hand for about a week now! 

Overall I think ya'll can already tell that I love this polish! What about you guys? Anyone else need this one of have this one already?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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