Shery Nail Lacquer Swatch & Review: Red Means Go

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Hello there everyone! Hope you are have a lovely morning so far. :) Today I have a new brand to share with you. I recently received 2 polishes to share with you guys from Shery Nail Lacquer. Shery Nail Lacquer is a vegan polish and is cruelty free. No formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP used at all which is always a good thing! Now I think it's time we take a look at one of their polishes! :)

This is 2 coats of Red Means Go. I really was impressed with this polish! The formula and consistency was just right when applying. It reminded me a bit of a jelly just because it is very translucent with one coat but 2 coats was good to go in my opinion. I'm sure some may prefer 3 coats and that wouldn't take long because it seemed to dry quickly!

This picture is actually pre top coat so you can see that it dries shinny too which is nice! :) I could see this as a fun type of polish to use as a glitter sandwich! Hummm. Maybe I will have to do that next! ;) What do y'all think? With this red I decided I would try the "pond" mani method for my first time so let's look at that and I will explain what it is!

I am really happy with how these turned out actually! I had never done this method before so I am really thrilled with the fact it worked! :) So for anyone who hasn't heard of a pond mani, or for those of you who have but don't know exactly what it is let me try to explain this to you! A pond mani can be done with translucent polishes, tints, or sheers. If you are familiar with jelly polishes just use what you would consider a jelly just with out the glitter in it and that is perfect. So you start out with your base color and then you add art on top. It doesn't have to be full out art because this is your bottom layer. After you have that done not put your translucent polish on thinly on top of that art. Now that art is tinted. Above you see snowflakes and dots that are pink, those were actually white and then I put the red on top and it gave it that effect. Then you add another layer of art. You can stop here and leave your new art white and then top coat it or you can keep repeating those same steps and get many layers. The more layers you do the more variation in colors you will have.

It's a really fun look actually! Plus it looks so much more complicated that it actually is plus it gives depth! I am really liking it. I feel like this would be a fun look to pair with a fun ugly Christmas sweater for a party! :)

Over all I really like this polish! The fact 2 coats gets you a creamy look, and yet it works for this fun pond method just makes me really happy. It was a very stress free polish to work with for sure. It's not available yet but Shery Nail Lacquers site will be up soon with this polish for sale. On there site HERE you can sign up for emails that will let you know when the polish will be out! Plus you can follow them on the following platforms to keep up to date! ;)

Also stay tuned to the blog this week because I will be sharing another color from them as well! :) Hope you enjoyed these nails! Let me know! Also I did not film a tutorial for this look but I would be happy to do so if you would like so just let me know!:)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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