Takko Lacquer X Sweetpeas

Hello there everyone!! So today I am super excited for today's post! As you may already know I have been able to design two polishes with Takko Lacquer, last week I introduced you to Ocean Glitter which if you missed that post you can check it out here. I am absolutely obsessed with with Ocean Glitter and what I am about to show you! This next polish is logically named Sweetpeas.

It's a lovely pink holo. It's more of a relaxed holo than Ocean Glitter. From afar it just looks like a lovely pink shimmer and then when it's in the sunshine or really direct light you see all of the holo goodness! 

The idea behind this polish was actually the color of real Sweetpeas! The blog name isn't actually named after the flower, but I do like the flower. The name Sweetpea actually came from it being my nickname my mommy has always had for me. So considering that's the inspiration for the color and then the blogs name is 25 Sweetpeas so it all just seemed to make sense! :)

It's a really lovely color, I am wearing it on both hands right now while typing this up and it's such a wonderful pink!

It really turned out perfectly with what I described to Sheryl! She really out did herself on both colors! They both turned out amazing in my opinion.

It's hard to pick up all the holo on the camera. The sun has been hiding all weekend sadly though and not making it easy for me.

This polish along with Ocean Glitter, Daydreaming, and Ugly Christmas Sweater, and two more polishes will all be released Wednesday at 8PM EST. In addition to these new polishes all of the fall line will be restocked too.  For all of the latest Takko Lacquer Updates keep up with them at all of the below links!


I am so excited for this polish to come out! I really hope you all like the two I got to work on. Being able to design a polish that is going to be for sale for the public is just not something I thought I would ever be able to do. Truly amazing and I thank you all for making it possible! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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