Tribal Moon Nail Art

Hey there loves! So today's title is a bit off and misleading, sorry about that but I wasn't sure what to call this look! It's a tribal only in the moon part of my nails, but not moon shaped or anything so I know that's a bit confusing! Anywhooo..... ;) Let's get on to some pictures!

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For this look I used two new polishes I got for Christmas that I just LOVE! The purple is China Glaze That's Shore Bright which is one I've been wnating for awhile now so I'm happy to finally add it to my CG collection! It was a nice 2 coater! I was expecting it to be 3 coats like some of their older neons but nope! So super happy about that! :) Next up is the glitter which is just super super fun. It's Urban Outfitters 11:59 . What a fun/funny name right? I mean I kind of love it actually just because it is different and unexpected! ;-) It's full of gold, white, and magenta hex shaped glitters. The magentas didn't really show up very well in this picture!

All of the detailing was done with acrylic paint. Oh and guess what?!? I actually filmed this! Usually I can't film tribals but for somereason I got crazy and worked around somethings and got it on camera so that is pretty exciting. Now with out further ado....

Added some new things the the video compared to my older videos. Hope you all liked that! Also I told ya what informative post will be up next Monday. If you have any requests let me know! :)

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post! I am really happy with the tutorial! The nails are growing on me. I slightly wish I had done tribal on all of my nails but then again at the same time I love this new glitter! :) What do you all think?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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