Takko Lacquer Valentine's Day 2016: Mad Love

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Hey there guys! So guess what!! I have the new Takko Lacquer Valentine's Day colors to share with you. They will all be released January 25th along with a restock of the Winter collection! To check out the winter line check it out here. First up I have I have a swatch of Mad Love.

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Here is 3 coats of Mad Love. It's a lovely mixture is a creamy white, with gold, and pink glitter. It's really pretty and the gold gives it such a nice sheen when moving my nails! Now I wore it built up but you could also wear this as a Topper! I think you may just see that coming up soon! Already brainstorming some ideas!

Mad Love has been out before but it's been awhile! It's actually featured in the new Nail It Magazine too! I was so excited to see Takko Lacquer in Nail It! A few months ago Takko was also featured on Nail Its! website which if you missed that you can read Sheryls interview here.

Overall I really like this polish! It's girly and had a great finish to it! 

Decided to add some Valentine's like art! So I took from the name Mad Love  and used Love for some art!

Free handed with some acrylic paint and my Berry Wine brushes!

So I will be sharing more swatches of these new colors over this next week. They will be release on January 25th along with a restock of the winter colors! Also if any of you got Sweetpeas, or Ocean Glitter in December I would love to see some more pics! I've seen some on IG and they are all so pretty!  Now to keep up with all things Takko Lacquer check them out here....


Hope you all love this polish as much as I do! Also just a little heads up I think next Thursday I will be have a Q&A on IG. I will post a pic and just answer questions on it for a few hours! :) 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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