Orange Skies & Palm Tree Silhouettes

Hey y'all, happy Saturday! Today I just want to have a fun carefree post! In the world these days every where you turn you hear about something bad that's happened or has happened. So many terrible things, all so close together which is just terrifying. That being said I want to just have a fun chit chatty post to take your mind off things! Hopefully my blog posts each day can be a little bright spot in someone's day, and if so that's great! Today on the blog I want to just take y'all on a relaxing beach trip!

This mani was inspired by a mani done by NailsbyCindy via Instagram. When I started IG long long ago I started following her and I always saw this one orange beach mani that I loved! At the time I though, gosh there is no way I could do that! Then a few years went by u started to think eh, maybe I could try it! Then I realized I didn't have an orange polish to do so with! Haha!! However last night I was sitting at my desk looking at the Takko Lacquers I had on the top and it hit me! Guava was the perfect orange for this look so finally after eyeing the original mani for a long time I was finally going to recreate it. I started to doubt myself but I keep going and it turned out not too bad! 

Just goes to prove we shouldn't doubt ourselves! Something amazing may come out of it. The more I look at this mani the more I love it! It's not perfect but I can tell it's a beachy scene and that alone makes me happy! I am such a beach person. Which is actually funny because I used to not like it all then starting in about 2014 I became like the biggest fan! Haha, I think it's because I started to going to a different beach spot than I ever had before and something about it was just different and inspiring! 

These turned out being really fun, and now I want to be on the beach for sunrise and sunset! Ahh, doesn't that just sound great! It's been so long since I've been for sunrise! Must do that soon, it's so nice to sit on an almost empty beach and watch the sunrise while occasionally finding a shark tooth! :) Well I hope y'all have a lovely weekend and stay safe! Hope to see y'all back her tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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