Serendipity Nail Polish Call Me Boss Lady Collection: Less Whine, More Wine

Press Sample

Hey y'all! Welcome back to another day of another look at another brand new Serendipity Nail Polish! This one is the "Marsala" of the line so let's go check it out!

This is one coat of Less Whine, more Wine. :) It's a really nice Marsala color that I love, and if y'all are long time readers you know I was obsessed with this color last fall! This year I'm not sure what my go to color will be, I'm thinking it may be what y'all will be seeing tomorrow! ;) Now this was one thick coat if you do thinner coats you will most likely need 2. So just a heads up on that! 

I feel like even if I added another coat it would deepen the color and make it look super nice. I did have staining with this polish. Not so much on my nail but on the cuticle in the few places it pooled because it was a bit thinner than I had expected. And then y'all are going to see a Watermarble attempt with it and I did have strained skin after because I wasn't thinking. If I had thought about it I never would of used a skin staining polish to dip my finger in! 

I marbled it with 2 other Serendipity polishes. Summer Sunnies ,and Pink Poinsettia then the sparkly nail is also a Serendipity and it is Star Fish Tree topper.

Over all I love the color but I will have to watch the staining. It probably won't be the best for a gradation but it will be good alone! :) Well that's it for now! This perfect fall marsala is now on sale for only $6! Which is a great price! Plus you will find that the bottles are a great size, which is something I personally love because I use  my Serendipity polishes so often! Below you can find all the links you need to keep up to date with all things Serendipity Nail Polish related! 


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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