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Hey there everyone! Today I will be sharing another polish I received from OPI as part of the PreenMeVIP program! Its Funny Bunny today. Will give you a heads up now, if you are considering this polish be sure and read this post first!

So here is Funny Bunny which is a white. A white that requires 3-4 coats depending on how thick your coats are. Ekkk! The polish is super thin and takes a lot to build up. I was not impressed with the formula on this one at all. Disappointed actually because I use OPI Alpine Snow (REGULAR POLISH) a lot and I love it. Its probably my fave main stream white polish so I was hoping this would be comparable. Nope! :(

If you haven't seen the past so many posts here are the "Infinite Shine" details, since its not regular polish.

In the world of polish right now there are 3 types of polishes that you hear about. Regular polishgel polish and hybrid polish. Now you may be think hybrid polish? Whaaaattt? Well it's a real thing I promise. It's basically regular nail polish how ever they come more as a "system" with a specific base and top, and you use them all within the same company. Most companies advertise that the manicure will last with no chips up to 10-14 days. The day number depends on the brand. Now you may be wondering where do I find these hybrid polishes and how come I haven't seen them. The answer to that is you probably have seen them and you can find them everywhere! The reason you probably have realized it is that every brand seems to have a different name for them. China Glaze has Ever Glaze, Essie has Gel Couture, OPI is Infinite Shine and so on. They like to compare them to gels saying they last like gels. Now if you are like me and you don't care for gels these hybrids may be a good answer. They are supposed to be long lasting, and they are applied just like regular polish and removed like regular polish, you just have to follow that brands "system"! That in my opinion seems like a do able thing if you want a longer lasting mani and if it truly is long lasting!

As time when by it did start to bubble too, and it was getting late so I really didn't want to take it off and put something else on yet at the same time I didn't want to have bubbles. So I added art! :) Would ya'll really expect anything else from me! Haha!! :) I tried to go for a fall water color look. I think my favorite part of it is the water color dots. They dried neatly. LOL, that sounds weird! Haha! Oh well I do like the dot because they have a darker rim and it just looks neat in my opinion. :) What do ya'll think?

Well thats it for today! Hope you enjoyed the art and hopefully the info you learned about Funny Bunny will help you when making future polish choices! ;) Also guess what!!!!??? Its Friday which means its time for a new Chapter! :) Below you can find all of the links!

Happy Friday!

~25 Sweetpeas


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