Preorder Day Info

Hey there everyone! So today there are some pre orders ya'll would probably like to know about so I thought I would share the ones I know about that you would of seen on here. :) I have organized a list to help make you guys decide what you want!

Substance Abuse Awareness Box
Above here we have a photo of everything that is in the Substance Abuse Awareness box. :) PreSale will being today and will go until October 3rd! All of the details you may want or need can be found below! :) Also keep in mind these polishes are Limited Edition and will only be able to be purchased in THIS box! :) Also some of the proceeds will be donated to a Charity which you can see here.

If you click the links below you can see each brands part the box! :)

So tonight at 8:30pm EST Takko Lacquer will be restocking some polishes so below I have a list of those that will be available! :) Also if you click on the color that will take you to the original review post I did for that color! :) SHOP HERE

There are so many gorgeous colors in that list, and I am thinking its about time I get out some of those fall colors what do ya'll think? Well I hope this post had helped you get your "list" ready! I know how exciting polish releases can be! :)

~25 Sweetpeas


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