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Hello there guys! Today I have a bit of a fun post to share with you. I recently received the Flawless box that Influenster put together with Bustle for review! So lets get started!

So as you can see there is a lot here to chat about. :) First off how fun and great is this mix! There is a great mix of beauty and and health care which is nice. I will go through the things I don't really have individual photos for and then I will go on to those that do have their own pics!

First up..... The Simple Skincare items... 

The package included 2 things from them one being Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes, and the other being a little sample of their Micellar Water. The facial wipes were to remove makeup and they worked really well. I even had waterproof mascara on and it took it off really nicely, plus it didn't leave my skin feeling all oily which I have found most removers to do. So I was really impressed. Plus the convince of just using the wipe was really nice. :) Now the Micellar water I was even more impressed with! On its packaging it said it was to remove makeup and cleanse your skin along with hydrating it. I tried it out using a tissue like it said and it was fabulous. There is no need for a towel and or using a direct water source so it was great!! I really loved it and I do think I will have to get this again.

Next up the Yogi Tea... Well first off, I am not a hot tea drinker at all so I passed it along to my mum and let her try it out and let me know what she thought. She wasn't huge fan, she told me it had more of a medicinal taste rather than a nice tea to sit down and relax with. Which I could totally see based on the fragrance it had while it was steeping.

Now about the Dr Teals Eucalyptus Epsom Salt Soak! :) I haven't used them yet but have in the past and they are fabulous for soaking your feet in. I'm not so much a bath person much more a shower one but with going barefoot and wearing sandals all year I do soak my feet often and will be using this. I can already tell it will smell great.

Next up the Cover Girl So Lashy by blastPRO mascara. I always love trying a new mascara so I was pretty excited about this. :) The brush as you can see on this one is very different. I had such high hopes for it but sadly I was a bit bummed with its results. It didn't do much. No lift no real curl or separation of lashes. One day I had it on and my mum even looked and thought something looked as if something was missing and turns out it wasn't it just wasn't bold as usual. So overall I wasn't a fan. I use LashSensational by Maybelline as my standby favorite and its still my #1 for sure.

Also in the box there was a little snack from Harvest Snaps. They were their lightly slated Green Pea crisps. I liked them and they make a good healthy snack. :) Now personally I would like a bit more salt but then they would no longer be "low sodium" sooooo.... :)

Now a nail polish!! :) In the box I received a new Kylie Jenner polish from her collaboration with SinfulColors. This shade is called Miss Klaws and is one of the matte shades. I was a bit hesitant about it because I had heard from some that this line bubbles, but I did not find that to be the case. It was actually a really nice polish to work with. Just one coat needed and it was done. It also dried pretty quickly.

Now it is a matte finish polish but really I would consider it more of satin finish. Now if you aren't familiar with that term its basically a in between shiny and matte finish. Regardless of its finish though you can top it how ever you like because the key to any long lasting mani is a good base and top coat. In the two pics above I left it as is when it dries since that's what the goal of the polish was. However in the below photo I put on a shiny topper to give you a look at how it would be shiny. :)

Well thats it for today! I hope you all have enjoyed this post and maybe even found something new you want to go and try. :) Talk to you all tomorrow! :)

Happy November!

~25 Sweetpeas


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