Dupe or Not | The more the Barrier VS Santa Red my List

Hello there! So its been quite a while since I've done one of these Dupe or Not Posts, but I have one for you today and I am pretty excited about it. :) Its comparing 2 holiday China Glaze polishes. One from this years holiday collection and one from the 2013 holiday collection. Lets get to it!!

The two being compared are Santa Red my List (2013) and The more the Barrier (2016), both are beautiful Christmas pinks! As you can see they are labeled and even tho they appear to be very close in color in the bottle they are a bit different. Both of them are one coat and have great formulas. Santa Red my List has a bit more magenta where The more the Barrier is a bit more of a hot pink. Also Santa Red my List is more of a foil like polish. Its one where when removing you get that layer of silver underneath. :) Both are gorgeous for sure.

Now are they Dupes or Not? I would go with NOT. They are both complete different types of pinks, They are similar in finish and being in the same pink field. Now do you need both? If you aren't much into pinks, I would say no because you aren't likely to notice much of a different. Now if you are a person who likes pink I would say there is no harm in having both. They are different enough in my opinion, and both super gorgeous! Now I don't really know if you can still find Santa Red my List because it did come out in 2013. Now as for The more the Barrier, you can find this one! Your best bet for finding it tho is HB Beauty Bar. Very few store actually have it. If you do get it on HB Beauty Bar y'all can use 25Sweatpeas for 15% off your entire purchase. :) Plus their CG prices are lower to begin with. They are where I shop for CG when I can't dins it for sure! :)

Well thats it for today! Hope you have found this post to be at least a bit informing. :) I am loving both of these color. I haven't worn Santa Red my List actually and we have had it since 2013. Well its not mine, its mums but she let me compare it because she wanted to know the differences. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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