China Glaze Seas and Greetings 2016 | Eat, Pink, & Be Merry

Hello there guys! So its November and holiday lines are coming out!!! So exciting right!? Well over the next few weeks I will be swatching a few different collections which is exciting. Today I am starting to swatch a line I splurged on. I was loving all of the pics China Glaze had for their new Seas and Greeting lines so I caved and got one of the mini sets. ;)

I am pretty sure you are ALL aware I just can't pass up any chance on a beachy line of any sorts. Plus then you combine the beach with Christmas and I am SO happy! That all being said I have one on here today from the new line and I already have a feeling we are going to have to go and buy some of these in full size! This one you are seeing is Eat, Pink, and Be Merry! Not a beachy name on this one really but I think its the only one. :) Its a lovely pink that reminds me of the inside of a conch shell! If it had been in a summer line it could of been called "Call me on my Shellphone" hehehe!! Wow, that would be a fun name, and it came to me so fast... That never happens, humm I must of had just the right about of coffee today! ;)  

The polish is a bit thin so it does need 2-3 coats. I say that because a few of the nails had two and it was fine. Yet then another nail had a patchy spot so a 3rd coat was needed but it fixed it right up. So really I was pleased. Typically I wouldn't be ok with up to 3 coats but this color is great! I actually really like the hidden shimmer in it.

From afar you almost can't tell it has a shimmer which I like because I do love cremes for nail art but then up close you see it. So its like a 2 in 1! ;) Ha!! Anyone remember Eloise's Christmas where everything was pink? That always comes to mind when I see a pink holiday polish. :)

So what are you thinking of this pink? I am liking it. No its not really what you would expect in a holiday line but thats what I like about it honestly. I love classic Christmas colors don't get me wrong, but when it comes to polish holiday releases you can really only do so much with the traditional colors. Plus once you have one years the next year you don't really need to add new ones because then its just all dupes. So I love seeing people getting creative with the holiday lines. I know not all see it the same way and sadly China Glaze is getting flack for it. :( So to China Glaze if you are seeing this... I think this line has a great concept and I am loving the Sea theme for Christmas! Well done!

Sorry to anyone who isn't ready for Christmas manis, but I have so many I want to do and such I am going to start fitting them in where I can with these Christmas polish swatches. :) I had SO many ideas last year but then by the time I got to start Christmas nails I barely had time to fit all in that I wanted to do so here we go! :) Plus this month starts Christmas events and ya'll need festive nails for that right!? I am going to a tree lighting in a few weekends and I am excited! Should be a lot of fun! :) 

This look was inspired by a super cute print I found on Pinterest here. I have made a Christmas Prints board to save all of my ideas on and I started it like last night and already have 50+.... EKKKK and YIPPPEEEE all at the same time! So many ideas and so little time. :)

These were SOOOO much fun to do. I felt so in my element. Christmas nails have to be one of my faves for sure. Plus there are so many options when it comes to Christmas nails too which I love! Now as for where to find this. Of course you can try Sallys, and Ulta! I know I picked up this mini set at Sallys but not all of the stores have them yet or all of it anyways. As for Ulta I have checked one and they didn't at all and that was the ones who usually has things first, so I don't know when to expect it there. So I will link a few online places I know of that I like to polish shop on or know that they will have this! :)

Well thats it for today! I will see ya'll back here tomorrow with another one from this line!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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