China Glaze Seas & Greetings | Seas & Greetings

Hey there! So today I have another gorgeous new China Glaze polish to share with you. Its the title polish you could say because its called Seas and Greetings. :) Ah I just love that name, it makes me smile! :)

This is two super smooth coats of Seas and Greetings and its just lovely. Its formula was very nice to work with and the color is neat at has a great depth to it. Really a fun color to have in a holiday line. Plus its fun to move in the sunlight! HEHE!!! :)

I probably took too many photos but the shimmer is just fun. :) It reminds me of some of the shimmers they had in the summer line. I have the light purple version from that line. :)

So originally when I picked up the minis I wasn't sure how posing with them was going to work but it actually worked really well. I like the CG shape in general for pictures. Ya know some bottles just work better than others.

As I was looking for art inspiration I came across so many pretty purple designs with snowflakes so I decided to do a snowflake to go with it. I had a lot of fun doing it too. The tiny details were actually fun, and afterwards I was actually happy with it. Plus I feel like its better than past snowflake looks.

I just used some white acrylic paint and a berry wine brush from Winstonia because I love those brushes. Seriously if you are in need of some new brushes I would highly suggest the berry wine set.

Excessive photos much? Yeah, I know. Ha! It was just a good photo night apparently. As I write this I am actually watching the CMA's which is off for me, but I like the fashion. :) Oh and Dan and Shay are pretty good so I make an exception for them as well.

Well thats it for this post guys! I am loving this purple, what about you!? As for finding these I have a few online places I know of that I like to polish shop on that I know that they will have this beauty! :)

Hope you all have liked this post and the art. :) It was a fun one to do for sure! I will talk to ya'll again tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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