Pretty Beautiful Light of Christmas | Sugar Plum Fairies + Eggnog and Icicles

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Hello there lovelies! Hope you are having a nice Saturday morning. :) Today I am starting  to share some brand new Pretty Beautiful Holiday polishes from the Light of Christmas collection. They are releasing on the 11th at 11AM CT and this collection is so fun! So grab a cup of coffee or tea, which ever you like and get ready! :)

Meet Sugar Plum Fairies a GORGEOUS purple! I mean just look at this, so rich and holo-y! Velvet comes to mind for some reason and I love it so so much. Ya know like like a holiday dress or something. Ahhh, I am just loving this purple. Look at the dept of it.

It was a two super easy coats and dried really nicely and pretty quick. Its does dry with a bit of a dull finish like a lot do. To me that doesn't matter at all because I always put on a top coat. :) Shiny or matte depending on the art situation.

Can you tell I liked it by the amount of photos I took! Hehehe!! :) Even tho its in a Holiday line its sure to be used all year long for sure. :)

Sugar Plum Fairies is like the perfect name too! :) I mean it can't really have a better name right!?

Next up Eggnog and Icicles which again that name is just perfect!! I'm not an eggnog drinker but soon as I see it in store I always get so excited because it means CHRISTMAS! Which if you hadn't gathered I kinda love Christmas times. Its such a magical time of year. Yeah that may sound cliche but the Christmas lights everywhere just makes everything magical right!? :)

This beauty was also 2 coats and its perfect. :) There is so much to it, shimmers, glitters, and even flakies. All of those in one polish just isn't something you can pass up. :) 

Here you really can see all of the great goodies hidden in the polish. :) Its such a fun and unique polish for sure. I think this will be a repeat polish that I will have to wear again this season before its odd to wear Christmas colors. Although, there is no red and green in this so I am thinking I could almost wear this all year. :) Ooo, Easter?

Sorry about the above photo. it kept going weird and only focusing on part of it. Maybe the camera was just too overwhelmed with beautiful-ness. Hummm, is that a word? Oh well, who cares! :) We can just make it one right!

So I had to do some art for this post of course and today art was inspired by this super cute graphic I found on Pinterest. :) You can check it out here. I believe its off of a Vintage Christmas Card. :) It was SO much fun to work on and paint. I love doing looks like this because its so fun to watch come together. :) 

You do this type of art in stages which makes it look weird to start but then all of the sudden it comes together. That is probably one of my fave parts because its like a mini celebration when it works out like you had hoped.

Well thats it for today. Two more are coming tomorrow and I am so excited to share more of these with you. I hope you have enjoyed this post and hopefully love these polishes as much as I do. For all things Pretty Beautiful check out all of the links below! These release on November 12th  at 11am CT. :) Ya'll won't want to miss this. 


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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