Christmas Dotticure

Hello, and good morning! Weird thing is, is that I am actually writing this and publishing in the same morning because well Christmas Shopping was in full gear last night, and I am almost done! Woohoo, then on to wrapping and baking. :) How are you all? Ready for the weekend yet?

So for today I went super simple because well this time of year is busy for everyone yet we want our nails to look good right? So I thought why not come up with a quick and easy mani to share to give you something quick to do if you still want festive art in a short amount of time. 😊 I know I still want even though I am super busy and loving it too. Also on Christmas break too which I am happy about! 🎄 Anywayyyy moving on.... I ended up doing this quick and festive Christmas Dotticure!

I started with a white base and I picked one that was a one coater to help with time. In this case it was Takko Lacquer Vice. :)  Then I used red, green, and gold acrylic paint and a dotter of various sizes and did that on the white. Thats it then, just needs a quick top coat, Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, is a good one and then you have a festive mani.

Plus I feel like this look will look good on about anyone. Its simple and fun, oh and who doesn't love dots these days. :)

Well thats it for today! Hope you like this simple look! :) I am now off to finish up a few little shopping things and then let the wrapping begin!!

Happy Holidays!

~25 Sweetpeas

P.S Just found out I am in the top 100 Nail Blogs of the year! 🙉 Whaaaatt!! Ah, kinda excited about that. More on that later, but really just wanted to say Thank you to each and everyone of you for ever visiting my site and reading my posts. You guys are the best and with out you I would just look like a crazy nail lover not talking to anyone. Love ya!!


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