New Year, Fresh Start

Hello, and Happy 2017! Wow, that looks weird, like really weird. First time I've typed that or written it however you wanna put that! LOL!😂 Its the start of a new year which means its time for a fresh start. I have some different plans for the blog this year I am super excited about it and the changes are starting now! First off, a bit of a look change up. :) Always love a clean new look, and umm I LOVE the gold dots. Secondly, I am going to be doing more posts besides nails. Nails are still the main focus, but I love so many other things so I have found a way to incorporate more things. I will still have nail posts and some weeks of just nails, but there will be other weeks that will be more mixed. ALSO with not always posting a mani day after day will help me have more time to create even more detailed posts, and more tutorials. 😊 Its all for good and I am super excited about this little change. I think you all will like it as well.

Its the start of a New Year, and to more that means making New Years Resolutions, and getting organized. Now I'm not so sure I am going to really make any "Resolutions", but getting organized is a must. Last year I was getting into the planner decorating but the one I used last year wasn't super decorating friendly. Plus now that I am doing even more than before, I decided in 2017 I need to expand a bit in planner size. After a lot of thought and debate I picked up a Happy Planner as my 2017 planner and I LOVE IT! Seriously love it! Anyone else use a Happy Planner or something similar? I am totally getting into this, and I think this is really going to help! I have been working on filling out this month alone and its already getting full! Yippeee! Wait.... I just realized its January now. 🙉😨 Its 1:20am as I write this so the 2017 thing really is new LOL!  Anywhoo the planner above is the one I picked out!

There are seriously SO many different choices to choose from when deciding on a Happy Planner. I mainly went with the Hello Beautiful one because the front has gold dots and it matched my Idea Notebook. The front is cute, as is the inside. Oh and it had random holidays on the calendar which makes it super fun! My momma got one too, and thats the other one you see here! 

These are gonna be my go with me everywhere books for sure. Already starting to make lists of posts coming soon in that glittery one. I had a huge photo shoot session and so time to get the details in place.😊 I found this notebook at my fave place, TARGET, a few weeks ago and just had to get it. Its just so glittery and pretty.

Ok, so one of the "sellers" to me on the Happy Planner was that it had great space for planning as well as decoration space. Plus the company that makes the Happy Planner has sticker books that specifically for the sizes of these planners. Plus they were 60% off this past week at Michaels so I treated myself with some Christmas money and got the holiday pack, which goes through the seasons! SO many cute stickers. Then the other booklet has a bit of a fun mix. I may just have to do a more in depth post on those some time because they are just so fun!

Now I know many say they don't have time to decorate a planner, and honestly I don't know that I do have the time but I am going to make time. Its good for so many reasons in my opinion. Making a planner and decorating it kind of makes it like a scrapbook, or a journal ya know. Its something you can keep forever and then look at later and be like oh I did that on that day and so on. Plus while you are doing it, it will help you keep organized which is another good thing. I was looking through the Happy Planner hashtag and some are even printing out pictures out and using them in it too, which I think is so neat. So often we all take pictures daily but half the time or more than half the time those photos never leave our phones, so I think including them in your planner could be a really neat addition and super fun to look back on. I'm obviously new at this, but this is this weeks spread.

You get 3 rectangles each day, and so far that is working really well. So far I have one dedicated to all of my blog stuff, and then a Fit Bit spot. I got my Fit Bit for Christmas and love it, plus I have been sooo good about it this past week and I really want to keep that up. I thinking writing down the stats from each day will help keep me motivated to go on. :) Then the extra spot is fun stickers, quotes, or other things pertaining to that day. What I did, what I need to do, or reminders and so on. As of only doing this for the past few days I am loving it.

I went ahead and worked on getting this upcoming weeks spread ready as well. I feel like I need to work ahead a bit so I know what I need to do blog wise, and if a certain type of photo shoot need to happen by a certain day and can plan accordingly to the weather and such. I decided to go with the black and gold again just to continue the whole New Years theme more. All of these stickers are from one of the Happy Planner sticker books. Which, I don't know if they are still on sale or not but if they are and you are in need of some new stickers you should go to Michaels ASAP! 😊 Seriously I got a $20 sticker book of 1000+ stickers for every season for $8 something! Thats really good! Oh and you are looking for a planner still the Happy Planners were 60% off as well. There are 3 sized and mine is the Classic, aka Medium, and Its like $9.99 if the sale is still going and your store still has then! I mean you can't beat that when its normally around $25!

I've come up with the details I want to track for my Fit Bit and went ahead and just made its box for each day, so I don't forget! Plus it will be neat to see oh on this day I was doing this and that made me have such and such amount of steps.

Ok, I'm not sure whats up with the blur tinge in this pic, but this is the following weeks layout. The Digital Dozen week! Now I was going to save this but I really wasn't sure about the look of it, but the more and more I added the more and more I loved it! I used only stickers from Target, I tell ya they have great planner accessories like all year! Plus in the dollar bins which means you aren't going to spend a fortune! Thats only once you walk into the clothing and the makeup and fall in love with everything new!!😂😂😂💖💖💖 True story right!?

Ahh, I can't wait to decorate more! I am really getting into this! So now you guys have to share what type of planners ya'll are using! Also where do you get your stickers?! There are SO many gorgeous options. Below is a pic of some of my stickers I will be using along with washi to decorate!

Well thats it for today loves! I hope you have enjoyed this post, and hopefully this post has inspired you to get your planner out! I know I got sucked in when I went and looked at the Happy Planner IG! 😍 SO many creative inspiring people! I will link some sites for ya'll to visit to see more from the Happy Planner, I think their store opens back up tomorrow. However I love the fact Michaels has so much! So glad I got to go pick one up before they were all done! Yay for after Christmas sales!

Ok, thats it, haha! So what did ya'll think? Also if you have any special types of posts would ya'll like to see! I will add your idea down in my notes and it could show up soon!

Happy New Years!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Happy New Years! And yay to blog overhauls :)

    1. Happy New Years! Oh yes! I just saw yours, looks so nice!!!!


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